Tapout Season 2: Bottom of the barrel/Kimbo Slice has a new sponsor

I’m a big MMA fan. It’s my sport and I love it so I usually devour any mixed martial arts that happens to show up on television. Then I saw Tapout. These guys were on my tv and I couldn’t understand why they were on my tv. These very unlikeable people dressed up like asshole street performers who decide to play around in the mixed martial arts world. There isn’t a whole lot of mixed martial arts based programming on TV but do yourself a favor and skip this steaming turd. By the way, Kimbo Slice is now sponsored by Tapout. Bar tough guys are gonna have to take a break from calling jiu jitsu gay and bumping chests to cream in their pants.

Affliction 2: Fedor Emelianenko vs. Andrei Arlovski, and those goddamned shirts.

Rumor has it that “The Last Emperor” will be going up against “The Pitbull” on October 11th in Las Vegas. This is a very interesting match up. Andrei’s showing against Ben Rothwell gave fans a glimmer of hope that the old Pitbull is back in full form. Now that he’s back in title contention, he’ll either let loose and give Fedor a run for his money, or he’ll fight not to lose. After 29 fights (28-1), we know what we’re going to see from Fedor. If his raw punching power doesn’t pan out, he can switch to his wrestling and sambo to try to submit his opponent. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Affliction has proved to be a legit promotion with lots of star power. But what’s up with the $45 shirts? I own a couple. I like to support my favorite fighters but this is turning into a ridiculous trend. Bottom line: If you own an Affliction shirt and aren’t familiar with the promotion, you deserve a smack in the back of the head. It’s like those kids that pick up a Led Zeppelin shirt from Wal Mart and haven’t listened to anything older than My Chemical Romance. Only those kids didn’t pay $45.
Act like you got some goddamn sense.

Gina Carano:

is still hot.

Plus, she can do this.

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