“Eye poke” is a legit technique.

Posted: July 26, 2008 in Mixed Martial Arts
Anthony Johnson embraces his new look.

Anthony Johnson embraces his new look.

On July 19th, the MMA world let out a collective “What the hell?” as Kevin Burns defeated Anthony Johnson via TKO eye poke. Burns claims he has a hand injury that doesn’t allow him to close the fist that he jabs with so he throws a jab with an open hand, leading with his fingers. Again, “What the hell?”. Burns was warned for an eye poke earlier in the match (Mazzagati warns: Watch your fingers in there!”) Of course, Johnson caught another jab in the eye and couldn’t continue. It might have seemed like he was hamming it up a little bit but apparently the injury was pretty serious.

Johnson gives an update on his eye.

“I had surgery. It was pretty intense for me. My retina was damaged, possibly detached, and the laceration was pretty long. It was basically from one end of my eye to the other. They did laser surgery that took about two hours, put some stitches on it basically.”

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