Condit Faces Legit Competition In Hiromitsu Miura.

WEC Welterweight Champion

WEC Welterweight Champion

I had honestly never thought of Miura as anyone other than that guy that Mayhem Miller kicked in the junk and I figured that Carlos Condit would burn through the Japanese Judoka in the first round but he proved to be an incredibly scrappy and worthy competitior, sweeping the champion out of a full mount multiple times. There were a few moments where Miura looked like he could finish Condit but Condit showed why he was a champion and finished his competition in the fourth. Now the question is “When does Carlos Condit decide to compete in the UFC?” I don’t think he could beat the current UFC welterweight champion, Georges St. Pierre, but I don’t think many fighters could. I think Carlos Condit could shake up the UFC and it’s only a matter of time before he does.

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson’s Situation Goes From Bad To Worse

Quinton Jackson's official mug shot

Quinton Jackson's official mug shot

Anyone paying attention to Mixed Martial Arts news knows that Quinton Jackson isn’t doing so great. It started when Rampage was the driver in a hit and run. He then had a bit of a chase, was caught and got arrested. Now it’s come out that the woman that was the victim of the hit and run, Holly Griggs, was pregnant and had a miscarriage. If Rampage is losing his shit that bad after losing a title, the news of the death of this couples unborn child can’t bode well in the least for Jackson. The father of the child said this in regards to suing Jackson, “No amount of money will bring back my son.” To say this is a rough patch for Jackson would be an understatement but it’s hard to be sympathetic to Jackson when an innocent bystander has paid such a high price.

Irvin and Levens busted. Who cares?

Irvin and Levens during some of the more defining moments of their careers.

Irvin and Levens during some of the more defining moments of their careers.

James Irvin got punched in the eye by Anderson Silva.
That’ll make for a bad night for any person.
Later, Irvin tested positive for painkillers. Is it just me or is it always the guy that loses that gets busted for banned substances? Irvin was never significant to any weight class. His claim to fame is being “The Knee Guy” because of the flying knee he pulled out of his ass to KO Terry Martin. Now he’s Anderson Silva’s first victim at Light Heavyweight in the UFC.
But I guess I shouldn’t say that it’s only losers that get busted for banned substances. Sometimes you don’t even have to fight. Marco Rua’s prospect Justin Levens was slated to fight on Affliction’s first ever show. Due to the show running long and basically working out the kinks of running their first show, the last fight of the night got cut and Justin Levens didn’t get to fight. Too bad he had to take a piss test anyway. Levens got busted for painkillers and didn’t even get a chance to compete.
Tough shit.

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