Great Moments In Manliness 8/6/08

Posted: August 6, 2008 in News
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He was probably a lot cooler when he was a tub.

He was probably a lot cooler when he was a tub.

Don’t fool around with a man’s sandwich.
Subway needs to understand this. Too many times have I gone to Subway and witness some bored teen carelessly throw together my meal. Sometimes it didn’t even end up as a sandwich. It was more like someone threw all the proper ingredients to my desired product into a plastic bag. I could have eaten it with a damned spoon. Well no more!
One man in America has had enough of this sandwich perversion. Reginald Peterson ordered a simple sandwich. Spicy Italian. Peterson’s jaw dropped and the piece of sauceless sandwich surely rolled out when he discovered there was no Italian sauce on his sandwich. No italian sauce on his spicy Italian sandwich. Outraged, Peterson called authorities not once but twice, to insure that he was given the sandwich he ordered. What does this American hero get for trying to ensure the quality on the food ordered at this establishment? He gets arrested.
That fatty, Jared is probably laughing his jowls off.

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