Evan Tanner 1971 – 2008

Posted: September 14, 2008 in Mixed Martial Arts

This is not an original post.
Any MMA website, forum, or blog will have a tribute to Evan Tanner.
But he deserves it so I’m going to pay homage to a champion and a truly unique man.

Evan Tanner fought so that he could express himself. It shined through in his style and his heart that he showed. His striking was incredibly unorthodox and remained effective. He picked up scraps of technique here and there and pasted it all together to make the Evan Tanner fighting style.  He started out completely self-taught. When he started training in camps, he never stayed stationary. He moved from camp to camp, never really calling one place home. You could describe him as restless because he was always seeking new experiences and knowledge.
Tanner was one of the first fighters I watched that really impressed me. I immediately became a fan. His bouts with Phil Baroni, Rich Franklin, Robbie Lawler, and Dave Terrell were very impressive and entertaining. He’s always been a fighter that I’ve rooted for. He had incredibly interesting outlooks on life and was always expressing his philosophies, whether it was in the cage or in his writings.
He always had time for fans and he personally responded to MySpace emails.
It goes without saying that he is sorely missed.
Tanner for Hall Of Fame.


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