There’s a few people out there in the public eye that are about to blow up like a World of Warcraft Paladin’s forehead zits (deal with it). Check em out and remember who you heard it from.

Bobby Moynihan

Bobby Moynihan is a fresh recent player on Saturday Night Live and it’s already apparent that he is going to be a star. In every sketch he has been in, he has had big laughs, great deliveries, and has done a great job.
With Maya Rudolph playing hard to get and Amy Poehler getting K.U.ed (knocked up) and leaving, Saturday Night Live can’t afford to let a potential major player leave the show and Bobby Moynihan will surely be filling the gap that two tiny women left (you fatass).
Since NBC has Secret Police keeping their clips offline and Super Deluxe and WordPress refuse to play nice I have a classic video featuring Moynihan and your favorite bros. It’s Bro Rape by Derrick Comedy.

Wilson Gouveia and Kurt “Batman” Pellegrino

Wilson Gouveia (left) and Kurt Pellegrino (right)

Wilson Gouveia (left) and Kurt Pellegrino (right)

Pellegrino and Gouveia have been nothing but impressive in their respective UFC runs. They both only have two losses (to top competition) in their UFC careers and have beat down top competition as well (Thiago Tavares and Jon Fitch for example). With Gouveia’s recent drop down to middleweight, we can hope to see him eventually fight the middleweight champ who is sure to still be Anderson Silva and Pellegrino is well on his way to being a main event fighter for his tough as nails fighting style and his incredible technique.

Kurt Pellegrino Highlight

Wilson Gouveia vs. Jon Fitch

Kings of Leon

Kings of Leon is made up of Caleb Followill (vocals, rhythm guitar), Jared Followill (bass), Matthew Followill (lead guitar), and Nathan Followill (drums) who happen to be three brothers and their cousin.
Kings of Leon have been around for about 5 years and are just recently clawing their way into the limelight with a recent performance on Saturday Night Live and their latest album “Only By The Night” and with a single like “Sex On Fire” it’s hard to not at least give em a chance.
Take a listen and prepare your gaskets to be blown.

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