Welcome to a new year, ladies and gents. Thought I’d pull the plastic wrap off of 09 with another edition of Brainmush Approved!

Doug Benson

You like movies, you say?

Doug Benson is probably high…right now. He is also one of the top comics around today. You may recognize him from VH1’s Best Week Ever. Punchline magazine (the only real legit comedy magazine) named his latest album “Professional Humoredian” the #1 comedy album of 2008 and on a less relevant note, he was named High Times 2006 Stoner of the Year. His new comedy central presents special premiered recently and he scored the number 4 spot in the Stand Up Showdown.

Benson also released the very interesting movie “Super High Me” where he abstains from marijuana for 30 days and then smokes for 30 days straight and logs the differences in his weight, SAT scores, and even psychic abilities (OooOoOOOOoooooh!). It’s worth a rent at the very least. It’s available in Netflix instant stream.
And if you don’t think that you have enough Benson in your craw after all of that, you’re in luck. Doug Benson has a hilarious podcast on the iTunes called “I Love Movies” where he shoots the shit with funny guests and talks movies. It’s completely free so stop fuckin around and give it a listen. Benson links below!

Doug Benson On Twitter
Doug Benson on MySpace

Arj Barker, Doug Benson, and Tony Camin doing The Marijuana-logues on Real Time with Bill Maher.

The Gus Chiggins Band

Jake Coady, Jeff Shinrock, Mike Upah

Left to right: Jake Coady(bass), Jeff Shinrock(vocals, guitar), Mike Upah(drums)

This is the Gus Chiggins Band and they aren’t fuckin around…well maybe just a little bit.
Before anything else, we need to dive skull first into the Gus Chiggins mythos.
Take a look at this sketch, starring Will Ferrell that didn’t see the light of day until The Best of Will Ferrell Volume 1 was released on dvd.

Gus Chiggins Sketch

This band is based out of Cedar Rapids, Iowa and have adopted Gus Chiggins as their “mascot”. They don’t take themselves too seriously but they’re crammed full of talent and you’re guaranteed to have a good time at one of their shows. . So check out their page, add them as a friend, and let em know where you heard! Booyah!

Gus Chiggins on MySpace Music

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